Programmatic Strategy 

Audience Strategy


Score & create bid efficiency from 1st party data and identify performing 3rd party data sources.

Inventory Strategy


Maximise reach & enable efficient bidding through cross device targeting.

Business Intelligence


Reduce Cost & Increase Returns.

Audience Strategy

Inventory Strategy

Business Intelligence

Programmatic Travel Ecosystem

Data Partners


OnD cookie Data from a network of OTTs and metasearch websites that can be leveraged programmatically.

Programmatic Private Deals

Private deals with exclusive networks and premium publishers for targeted exposure.

Programmatic Guranteed Buying

Run a  Metasearch Only targeted campaigns for higher SOV 

Programmatic Preferred Deals

Negotiate long term media buying deals with large OTT & display publishers

Programmatic Placements

  • A customised Banner designed for Ecommerce action

  • Optimised for CPC

  • Deeplink user directly to the booking search result page

  • Deliver campaign messaging, special offers etc

  • Programmatically be served on any IAB size

It provides a unique experience that brings still images to life.

It showcases up to three images that change based on the user’s movement up and down the page.

It’s ad creative moves up and down the ad slot with page movement.

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